Monthly reports

Everybody should know and understand what is going on with their AdWords account, SEO results or e-shop.

Every month our clients receive a thorough report with:

  • list of things done with the reasons and explanations;
  • evaluation of the current state of the advertising accounts/website;
  • predictions and insights for the next period according to the season, overall peculiarities of the market and your products/services.

We pay a lot of attention to the preparation of our reports, striving to offer our clients the information of the highest quality. We are proud to tell that every report we create is unique, dedicated to a particular website and situation, according to what is important, for example

  • what countries/cities drive conversions to the website;
  • how recently sent newsletters work;
  • is it worth continuing to show expensive banners in some popular websites.


We analyze and we provide solutions.